• Goddess Empress
    Goddess Empress
    Love and light. I’m Eboni. A few years ago I had began watching
    readings of tarot cards on different social media sites. I found it very
    serial. It felt like I was suppose to see certain messages because, I has
    most likely not listening to my spirit guides. I’m a aquarius, so I lived in
    my head for most of my life. I began to read cards after purchasing my first deck

    “The Egyptian Tarot” in New Orleans. I fell in love. I began reading for loves and that gave me more
    than I had imagined. Because, I had always held other people secrets but to see deep in the soul of a person can alter everything you think is true or you think you know about a person. I

    I first learned the celtic cross spread which, I like to call the “ankh spread” so I offer this style of reading. My gift is my strong and never failing empathic strength. I know and feel everything and knowing not to believe in illusions that my have been programmed by society or by the mind. I learned to see behind the veils and to trust divine spirit to trust what was
    deep inside my soul. I perphare energy base readings. Basically, tell me how you feel in your physical and I will tell you what is happening, currenting and future advise. I have a love for astrology and studied the subject in college. Psychology and Metaphysics are my current field.
  • Adviser Nicholas
    Adviser Nicholas
    Using my special abilities & special gifts I will definitely guide you towards the right direction.
  • nazampsychic
    ❤️ Love relationship specialist. I'm a Certified Astrologer and more than 15 years experience in Ved
  • Love Assurance
    Love Assurance
    I am the love reader and specialist in relation. I am here to lead you towards best way of life.
  • Spiritual-lady
    My goal is to see clients energy become peaceful and empowered to take control over their own lives
  • Love Expert Honey
    Love Expert Honey
    I am a gifted and experienced psychic clairvoyant.
  • rebel72
    I am 45 years of age and have been reading tarot since I have been 10 years old.
  • Esther
    Esther is a qualified, tested, experienced psychic who cares about you and your issues.
    I'm a mexican. I was born surrounded by musicians I am a musician myself .
    I am an artist and pre-natal researcher and the creator of Cognitive-Image-Profiling.
  • Sophia Angel
    Sophia Angel
    Expert in ClairvoyantI speak: English